Q: What’s up with the goldfish on your website logo?

A: It was originally a vinyl record, but because of the great anti-hipster prejudice of the early twenty tens, we had to retire the vinyl record, even though we designed that logo before vinyl was popular. To replace the record, we came up with a contest to substitute the most ridiculous thing in lieu of the big O in Revoluzik. Among the finalists were an astronaut helmet and the moon. We picked the goldfish, because goldfish are the best kind of fish, except for koi, but nobody keeps koi in a circular bowl that resembles a big O. So we have the second coolest fish on our logo.

Q: Why did you start Revoluzik? Don’t you know that there are plenty of music review websites already?

We wanted an music library-like site where you can flip through album art to find an album you like. When you click on an album, a review pops up, so you can see if the album is worth it’s salt. After seeing many reviews that included references to distortion pedals and time signatures, we decided that reviews shouldn’t be written from the perspective of an experienced musician. Reviews should always be written in the perspective of the listener. It should never be a name dropping contest where pretentious writers Spin endlessly about artistic influences and wax poetic about the deeper meaning of, “we all live in a yellow submarine,” nor should any reviewer wave Pitchforks at mainstream music, droning on an on about “high culture” and “low brow music.” Revoluzik is about music discovery, we never pretend to be experts or professional reviewers; we see ourselves like a friend to our readers, suggesting good music for a weekend drive or a summer party.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of music is in the joy of discovery, and through reviews and album recommendations we hope to help you discover better music faster than ever.

Q: How do you guys rate music?

A:.We pride ourselves on our transparent rating scheme. We consider lots of variables, but the three most important factors we value are: the music is sonically pleasant, innovative, and that it holds up to repeat listens. If you have one of the three, you have a good album. If you have two, you have a great album. If you have all three, you have an instant masterpiece. Of course, points are deducted for things like weak tracks, plagiarization, or ill fitting lyrics. Releases made by established artists are compared to their previous releases; albums that are good, but not on par with an artist’s previous work will have points deducted, while steady improvements will provide point bonuses.

Q: Who writes the review?

A: We have five writers: David Ye, Cliff Wongkoltoot, and Vito Genovese.

Q: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A: 9 ounces on a typical weekday and 12 on a good weekend. 6 on all major holidays.


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