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Well Done 3 (Mixtape) – Tyga

Source: DP

Here comes the third trilogy to the Well Done collection. This mixtape features a few well-known rappers that we know like 2 Chainz, Kirko Bangz, and of course Honey Cocaine. It’s just your average Tyga music, nothing special to expect. But you know what to vibe and get hyped to.

01.No Luck
02.Do My Dance ( feat. 2 Chainz)
04.Ayye Bitch
06.Diced Pineapples
07.Ready To Fuck
08.Riot ( feat. Honey Cocaine)
09.King Company ( feat. Honey Cocaine)
10.Ratchet ( feat. Joe Moses)
11.Girls & Guitars ( feat. Kirko Bangz)
12.Get Her Tho ( feat. D-Lo)
14.Switch Lanes ( feat. The Game)
15.Out This Bitch ( feat. Kirko Bangz)
16.I Remember ( feat. The Game & Future)

Download: Well Done 3 (Mixtape) – Tyga


Tha Black Layne Staley (Mixtape) – Khalil Nova

Source: NJ


This is very unusual. I swear I remember posting “Newtype” from this mixtape onto Revoluzik but I might have deleted the post. The young space don’s Tha Black Layne Staley is definitely a go. I’ve listened to this a couple times and I can give you my stamp of approval. There are a couple instrumentals and the tracks are usually touched with that lo-fi essence and futuristic flow. It sounds almost like something that SpaceGhostPurrp would use on his own projects.

Download: Tha Black Layne Staley (Mixtape) – Khalil Nova

Enough Said (Featuring Aaliyah) – Drake

Source: Youtube

“Every million I gain an enemy or a cousin”

Although this is a posthumous duet with Aaliyah, this easily became one of the most beautiful tracks that Drake has produced. While it is mesmorizing cause of Aaliyah’s angelic voice, Drake continues to kill it with his own verse. If only Aaliyah was alive to truly collaborate with Drake.

Download: Enough Said (Featuring Aaliyah) – Drake

Bath Salt (Featuring Flatbush ZOMBiES) – A$AP Mob

Source: Soundcloud

Pretty Flacko x YG Addie x Meechy Darko x Zombie Juice

Produced by P On The Boards

A$AP Mob Album coming soon.

DownloadBath Salt (Featuring Flatbush ZOMBiES) – A$AP Mob

Far From Coach (Featuring Game & Stat Quo) – Wiz Khalifa

Source: Youtube

I swear Drake used the same instrumental for his single “Greatness” awhile ago. This sounds like a few more drum beats have been added to it and on top of that the instrumental is topped and touched with the flanger. To sum things up, this is one of those braggadocio tracks that Wiz Khalifa throws out. Wiz has announced through Twitter that this is going to be featured on O.N.I.F.C.

Download: Far From Coach (Featuring Game & Stat Quo) – Wiz Khalifa

Swimming Pools (Produced By T-Minus) – Kendrick Lamar

Source: TDE

Just a heads up the alternate title of this track is “Drank”. I really think that Kendrick Lamar had it on this one. I think that everything in this song is perfect except the chorus. For me I felt like it was too wavy, especially how he ended each chorus. On a side note, I think it won’t be long before Lamar blows up.

Download: Swimming Pools (Single) – Kendrick Lamar

Bed Rest Freestyle (Produced By Sledgren) – Wiz Khalifa

Source: Facebook

For Khalifa’s latest freestyle, he records a visual to enhance the auditory experience. Shouts to Sledgren for the production.

Download: Bed Rest Freestyle – Wiz Khalifa

More Le$ (Mixtape) – Le$

Source: LM

This will not disappoint you smokers and lean sippers out there. Le$ always delivers that right quality on his mixtape. Next up…The Struggle Continues.

Download: More Le$ (Mixtape) – Le$

Friday The 13th (Music Video) – Tory Lanez

Source: Youtube

I took  a fews days off so this music video has landed three days late onto Revoluzik. This visual is from a track straight from Sincerely Tory. Appreciate that mix of rapping and singing; keep it up Swavey.

Download: Sincerely Tony (Mixtape) – Tory Lanez

Download: Friday The 13th (Single) – Tory Lanez

Cigarette Boats (Mixtape) – Curren$y & Harry Fraud

Source: DP

On some 1980’s shit. “Biscayne Bay” and “Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet” are my two most favorite tracks on this mixtape; those are definitely a must listen. In my opinion, this sounds so mafioso like Scarface. All I wanna do is just cruise in a Maranello and enjoy the ocean scenery. Big shout outs to Spitta and Harry Fraud for this quality production.

Download: Cigarette Boats (Mixtape) – Curren$y x Harry Fraud