Cigarette Boats (Mixtape) – Curren$y & Harry Fraud

Source: DP

On some 1980’s shit. “Biscayne Bay” and “Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet” are my two most favorite tracks on this mixtape; those are definitely a must listen. In my opinion, this sounds so mafioso like Scarface. All I wanna do is just cruise in a Maranello and enjoy the ocean scenery. Big shout outs to Spitta and Harry Fraud for this quality production.

Download: Cigarette Boats (Mixtape) – Curren$y x Harry Fraud


Bend Ova Like That (Featuring Robb Bank$) – SpaceGhostPurrp

Source: Twitter

Released right off SpaceGhostPurrp’s Twitter, here comes a real great collaboration between him and Florida-rapper Robb Bank$. Sounds trill as fvck and its got a pretty satisfying base line to go with it. I thought I’d never see the day but after the beef that happened between RVIDER KLVN and the A$AP Mob, we might be seeing some dope stuff in SGP’s upcoming singles and projects.

Download: Bend Ova Like That (Featuring Robb Bank$) – SpaceGhostPurrp

2 Cups (Featuring DollaBillGates) – Lil Debbie

Source: Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie has moved on after getting removed from the White Girl Mob, working with artists like Riff Raff and DollaBillGates. At what a surprise, this latest video features DollaBillGates. This track is missing a lot of bass but it definitely fulfills the standards of a “summer” song. Debbie is looking cute serving up lean while her side chick is rolling up. Promote that purple drank baby.

Download: 2 Cups (Featuring DollaBillGates) – Lil Debbie

New God Flow (Featuring Pusha T) – Kanye West

Source: G.O.O.D. Music

You guys can stop listening to the preview that was released because now the duo have released the entire track. Expect Cruel Summer around August 7th.

Download: New God Flow (Featuring Pusha T) – Kanye West

Pierce (Official Music Video) – Dominic Lord

Source: 2DBZ

The young ex-A$AP Mob member Dominic Lord is playing his chess pieces wisely. Word around town labels are already fighting for him and I see some potential from this come up artist.

Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper (Featuring Mac Miller) – Big Sean

Source: Youtube

“True players what we is. True players don’t dissolve”

Drumma Boy’s instrumental to this song doesn’t sound like something Big Sean is accustomed to rhyming to but its nevertheless smooth and clean to listen to. As for Mac Miller, I’m not a big fan of his monotonous flow at all. Wiz Khalifa should have went in on this with the Sean Don.

Download: Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper (Featuring Mac Miller) – Big Sean

Ridin’ (Featuring Lana Del Rey) – A$AP Rocky

Source: EM

Must be a dream or something. I couln’t believe this when I heard Lana Del Rey was working with A$AP Rocky on The KickDrums new Follow The Leaders. I think this is something new for Lana Del Rey. She’s venturing into new territory, working with more artists. And this song is much more laid-back than the usual stuff that you would expect from her.

Please note that this is not the official version of this track. Rocky has already tweeted saying that this isn’t perfected and it was released without permission.

Download: Ridin’ (Featuring Lana Del Rey) – A$AP Rocky

Download: Follow The Leaders – The KickDrums

National Anthem (Music Video Featuring A$AP Rocky) – Lana Del Rey

Source: Youtube


So here goes the music video for Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky’s collaboration. What I’m seeing here is that Rocky is dressed up to be like JFK and Lana is supposed to be portrayed as Jacqueline Onassis. For the most part the video looks like its going to become a hit for Lana and an instant classic. I’m still waiting for the other collab they were supposed to release awhile ago called “Ridin”; go and scope out that joint.

Black Magic (Music Video Featuring Rick Ross) – Meek Mill

Source: Youtube

All eyes on Meek Milly, Rick Ross is just on the chorus repeating his David Copperfield shit. Just the typical braggadocio rap discussing wealth and how they blow money fast. Self Made Vol. 2 is out in stores now. Support MMG and go buy the physical copy.

Download: Black Magic (Featuring Rick Ross) – Meek Millz